Movement Research


Movement Research
by Ria Higler


A book documenting Ria Higler’s theories on dance and movement which were developed over her long relationship with the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) as a director, teacher and mentor. 

“The main subject of Ria’s teaching is movement research. She has developed her own method based on the knowledge of her studies in modern dance release/alignment-work, voice work, studies with the Indonesian movement meditation master Suprapto Suryodarma and chakra work in motion. Ria’s direct approach enables students to deepen the awareness of - and listening to - the body and to gain more understanding about physical, mental and emotional patterns, in order to become more free and broadminded in the creative process."

Creative, Art Direction, Edit & Design: Angela Lidderdale
Photos and Artwork by: Angela Lidderdale, Ria Higler and Ria’s students through the years.